Fiat Lux

Oh bringer of light hear we

Who seek to bask in thy light

Grant us the strenght to slay he

That seek to bind us with dogma and fright


‘Tis man’s nature to fear or revere

The things that awe his senses

Thunder and lightning, floods most severe

Famine , drought, plagues, diseases


These are gods or aspects of God

The evil that men do

Is to the Devil’s shame, but God

Takes glory for all things right and true


Is it possible without the almighty’s consent

That evil should occur

Whence cometh all that is dark, gloomy and pungent

Are they not for his perverted pleasure


By the Lord’s words do I crucify him

Fitting punishment at par with trespass

Am I a fool bashing a creature of whim

Have they been fools who worship what they ought harness


Are the deeds of our hands not our making

Ought we blame the Devil when

The scalding pottage we stow in

Our hats burn our heads red then


Our ingenuity, is that the sadists gift

Is that why its beauty never lasts

Is the devil in us, nature’s gift

or the one we made, Lord of bats


We must seek the son of the morning

That we may tame the wild and the mild

To unleash by pragma that which suits the evening

Hear ye, that heart that would take Lucifer’s side


He is made fallen, like the bright morning star

That man who braves popular belief

She burns burgundy and sapphire

Who seeks to shun mass opioid relief


Strenghten us oh Christ, who was cast down

Be the light guiding our path, oh risen one

Fortify us to stand like thee, now

As we forsake mass opium, oh glorious risen one.

Culled from olofinaikublog


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