Dreams: Imagination or subtle messages. 

You were being chased through the woods by a wolf, suddenly you develop wings and start to fly. You get too close to trees whose branches slap you thoroughly. Just as inexplicably, your wings recceed and you crash to the ground. Just as you begin to rise to ur feet, the ground quakes and you fall. Almost immediately, as if on cue the wolf strolls up to you, glaring down menacingly. Just as you feel the quake again, you open your eyes and there is momma shaking you awake with that same glare pasted on her face. You know you’re in trouble.

How did the brain know to start the dream before the external stimuli, How did you feel the looks as to be able to see it in your dream, how about the back story with the wolf and wings? The stuff dreams are made of make me wonder, Just as it had astounded and still baffles many.

Apart from the one above, which mirrors your immediate reality, there appears to be two other groups.

Sometimes it’s just your brain playing out your greatest fears or desires. Being served food, finding money in the street, developing superhuman abilities, even receiving wisdom or a divine mandate,  these are dreams that could be placed under this funny category. Imagination running wild. 

Another group would be those that preempt future happenings. These I’ve heard in passing a number of times. The Bible tells the story of a particular Pharaoh who had such a dream. My mother also had a similar experience a couple of years ago. One thing about this group is that If/When they do come to pass you find that consciously or inadvertently, the dreamer had been putting things in place to attain that end, either before or after they had the dream.

It then appears that all dreams originate in the minds of humans and their fulfillment lies also in their hand. It all begins and ends on this plane.


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