The Purpose of Life

Credit: Lard Bucket

“The body,  like all matter is simply energy with a particular configuration. Much like blocks of ice in the sea, still saltwater, only in a different state. All organisms contain/draw an amount of energy from the ocean of cosmic energy, this is what animates them. While alive,  we are all connected to, and by this life force, just as water flows through orifices in submerged pieces of ice, linking them and linking with them. This is attested to by a lot of uncanny phenomena discussed in another piece[1]. At the end of life,  all is returned to the primal state of being, just as ice returns to brine. The intellectual pinnacle we have attained, the same one which saddles us with the responsibility of leading the way toward cosmic equilibrium has also enabled us influence our life force much like a block of ice being able to initiate a colour change which alters not its basic properties—that of being NaCl(aq)—but merely makes it a unique kind of itself and at the same time gives it the ability to influence the water that flows within and through it. Cosmic equilibrium—the ultimate goal of all existence—can thus be likened to a particular shade which the cosmic ocean of energy is to attain. This colour, being generated only by those who have achieved spiritual awakening, the intensity of which increases as we draw nearer to the prime state of existence.
While those who had spent life at the basic levels of existence, merely surviving and not really living, and had neither made a great effort toward attaining the prime state of existence nor strayed from this path have the lowest hue intensity and are consequently re-introduced into the cosmic stream of energy with the greatest ease, thereby becoming part/parts of other being(s), those who had done great deeds, as well as those whose lives had impacted a great may people are by the virtue of the bonds they had created wont to have their life force reborn with much the same essence as their previous existence. Those who had attained an high state of awakening are similarly returned, thus enabling them carry on their duty of guiding humankind toward achieving the prime purpose of life.  As different colours are added to this great ocean, we’re driven farther away from equilibrium. It then behoves the spiritually woke to strive toward attaining the highest levels of awakening, while at the same time helping others get on this path and aiding their progress, for only by that can all life truly LIVE.”

Culled from Àìkú, Life, Death and Purpose (2017)


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