The Voice of the People

Pastor Adeboye(L) seated on the chair meant for the Ooni of Ilé Ifè: Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (R)

Kabiyesi, may your days be long. K’ádé ó pé lórí, kí bàtá pé lésè. May Olódùmarè continue to guide and direct you.

Since you assumed office, I, just like everyone who has eyes — and even the blind —have observed your efforts at seeking peace among, as well as progress for all Yoruba, and by extension Nigeria and the black race in general. I pray at the end your sincere efforts shall bear bountiful fruits.

A few days ago, I happened upon the news of you offering your chair to pastor adeboye as a show of your humility toward God. I must say the news really shocked me, as it must have done a great many Yoruba men and women. I was going to say something about it immediately, just like everyone else, but then decided to consider the issue from all sides. At the end, I must say your majesty I see no reason for that act. While I see nothing bad in humbling oneself before the almighty, I also understand that the almighty has created order in all things, so that things may always be done properly.

Your majesty was reported to have made a statement to the effect that no one is greater than the Almighty, and pastor Adeboye was representing the Almighty at that particular time. Regardless of my personal opinion(s) on the latter point, and assuming it to be true, may I be permitted to remind your majesty that every other spiritual leader — from anywhere in the world, and representing any religious organization — also has a right to the claim of representing the Almighty, and I believe your majesty would not take it upon yourself to judge who might have a true claim or otherwise. Does your majesty then plan to repeat this act everytime a religious leader visits the palace (and I mean any one from any religious organization)?    If not, why not?

I am also constrained to remind your majesty that by virtue of being the Ooni of Ile Ife — a post which you have attained only by the will of the Almighty — you are supposed to be second to the Almighty as well as the sole spiritual head and paramount representative of Olódùmarè here on this plane. By virtue of this fact, I daresay that your majesty has no business bowing or scraping to any religious leader regardless of said person’s apparent status.

Keep striving for good Kábíèsí. At the end, you cannot but be rewarded with success.
From a concerned Yoruba man. 


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