Do What Thou Wilt

I was listening to an entertainment programme on radio this morning. The talk touched on hyperosmia — acute smell perception— then turned to nose shapes and sizes. The one presenter talking about his preference for the African — wide open — nose, while the other said she preferred the Caucasian — “pointy pen” as she called it— nose type. Then on whether she would get herself a pointy pen nose via surgery and she was like HELL NO, no surgery, with the hacking and hammering and all… 

A lot of people, I know would share this same sensibilities. Why put myself through such pain just to have a type of nose, just for the sake of fashion. While I agree with this assessment myself, we must all realize we’re not nearly as practical as we make ourselves out to be. Though we might not be willing to put ourselves through a short period of direct physical pain for the sake of cosmetics/fashion, we do a lot of little things for which we bear little — sometimes imperceptible — long term pain, just for the sake of fashion. Even, a lot of us bear varying degrees of direct physical pain just for the sake of fashion.

Would it not be well for all to be as they would be? 


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