State of the Nation

For more than a year now, Over 50% of the states in Nigeria have defaulted to some extent — great or small — in the payment of salaries to civil servants.

One of such states currently owes a backlog of about eleven months, which has prompted an almost incessant strike action in one of the state’s institutions of higher learning. Lecturers stay away from work, and students — a great majority being products of mediocre primary and secondary education — suffer the brunt of this action.

Whereas a normal academic Semeter is supposed to last about four months, the semester’s academic work is crammed into a period of about six weeks interrupted intermittently by months-long strikes.

Another problem is the near lack of facilities to provide the students an environment conducive for learning. The only lecture theatre available is an eight hundred seater auditorium without a public address (P.A) system or fans. Imagine the strain on a lecturer having to teach a class of 800 — usually more than 1000 students are crammed into the hall — without a P.A system, or that on students who have to stand under a shed or in a poorly ventilated, over crowded hall to learn mathematics or mechanical drawing…

If at the end of the day, the students, after being subjected to so much strain, are unable to perform up to expectation, can they be blamed?

If the lecturers don’t give their best — as even those who try still can’t make the most of their efforts, due to the prevailing limiting factors — under the prevailing conditions, can they be blamed?

Who’s responsible for rectifying these problems, Can anyone explain their failure to remedy the situation, Is there any way we can aid the solution of these problems??? 

P.S This problem is not limited to just one sector nor one state of the country.


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