Imagine Fela was never a musician (Some things parents could do better)

I was listening listening to the radio last night and a popular Nigerian juju musician was being interviewed. His parents had decided he studied medicine but four years into university he left to join an established juju musician’s band.

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina and Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti

This story is akin to that of Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti who studied music instead of medicine which parents desired. At my convocation about a fortnight ago, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, an agricultural economist per excellence also relayed his own experience on a path that led him away from his father’s desire to see him become a medical doctor to one of becoming a very viable figure in  Africa’s development as well as global economic and agricultural growth.
I myself was had a similar experience as my parents -both nurses- tried all they could to convince to study medicine and all to no avail -ambition projection? 

I’ve imagined a lot of times myself how such musical genius as Fela’s, the economic brilliance of an Akinwumi Adesina or the good works of a lot of others who’d veered off path could have been lost to us had they walked the path their parents or guardians desired, unthinkable you say?

Well, that seemingly dreadful occurrence is commonplace in our society today as it has been for centuries. It appears most parents have foundered dreams which they cost on their off springs in order to attain some level of closure-however inadequate.

Just as it is with career, a whole lot of us find that all aspects of our lives have been mapped out at least to some extent by family and society. The parents’life choices are foisted on the children without any thought of giving even a cursory notice to the children’s points of view(s). The child is automatically associated with the parent(s) religious creed, are expected to develop an interest in the parent(s) occupation and so on.

I understand parents do all they do with the prime aim of heroin their children get the best out of life, but I am also of the opinion that it would bode well for the family as well as society at large if individuals are enjoined to develop as individuals and carve their own niches instead of being raised with the expectation of growing into a pre-formed mould. Life is sometimes best considered with the simple minds of a child, no?


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