One problem I have with most religions in Africa

I was in church the other day with my parents when the pastor (prophet actually), fired up with the spirit of Nigerian Pentecostal Christianity started to give instances of miracles and wonders that had come to be as a result of his prayers. He relayed the story of a young lady who had been diagnosed with “schizophrenia or something like that” a condition that made her see things that weren’t there and how he cured her with the power of prayers, and personally I have no problem with him or his claims until he mentioned that sickness -physical and mental- are all caused by evil spirits and looking around, I saw healthcare practitioners (doctors and nurses who have witnessed the efficacy of physical treatment and drugs in improving health) nodding in agreement.

Now, I know there are ailments caused or worsened by an unhealthy state of mind, but to claim that ALL AILMENTS are caused spiritually and such a claim be accepted by supposed experts shows one of the major problems we have in this part of the world, which is undue appeal to inexpert (mostly religious authority)…


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